Outside of the fact our first class organic and natural products can add to your bottom line…

Here’s why!

  • We have business offices in both the U.S. and in Indonesia.
  • We work directly with you delivering personable professional customer care in all we do.
  • We have passionately cultivated strong relationships with our farmer partners to assure a consistent and steady supply of high quality products at competitive prices.
  • We understand and hold solid experience in both the U.S. and Indonesian business cultures.
  • We hold over 15 years of knowledge based hands-on experience in:
  • International business and logistics in the US and China
  • US natural and organic food industry
  • Buying and selling bulk organic and natural foods.
  • We are adept in handling all product registration with FDA
  • We are experienced in setting up production standards and quality controls that meet international requirements.
  • We hold key relationships with Indonesian farmers and government officials.

Your purchase will impact our farmers’ lives in many levels:

  • Better income and improved quality of life
  • Higher educational opportunities for their children
  • Better personal nutrition
  • Help eradicate century old” tengkulak” practice in which farmers are paid below market prices in exchange for quick cash
  • Preserve traditional farming practices
  • Help preserve heirloom seeds
  • Support development of local infrastructures (roads, electricity, school buildings, etc.)

Please take a moment to explore our products. Get to know more about us and our farmer partners. For more information about our products and services, please feel free to contact us directly.


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