This page is dedicated to our farmer partners who have worked very hard tending their land and improving lives so we all can enjoy the bountiful harvest of Indonesia’s fertile land. Our efforts support all of theirs!

These three farming leaders represent the many farmers with which we have strong working relations. They all stand ready to steadily, stably, and consistently meet your needs in providing you with the organic and natural products your end market desires.

Our Organic Arenga SugarOnessius Bode is one of the tree climbers (called ‘penderes’ in Indonesian language) working for us. Every day, at dawn, he and a legion of other tree climbers are already up on Arenga palm trees as high as 15 meters (close to 50 feet) above the ground collecting the sap from Arenga blossoms. And, they repeat this same task at 3 p.m. in the afternoon.

It is a daunting task that requires a specific skill and a high dose of brevity. We truly appreciate their dedication and thus, we pay them well – way above local minimum wage. It is our intention to overturn the stigma among farmers that tree climbing is the last resort and the type of work no one wants.

Our Arenga sugar production provides local farmers and surrounding villages with a better income level enabling positive changes in their living standard and securing higher educational opportunities for their children. It also endeavors to lessen the use of sap many locals use in the production of alcohol that has devastated many families in those villages.


Our Organic and Hand-cracked CashewsYohannes Ruron and his coop are the pioneers of producing hand cracked organic cashews in East Flores region. With the help of Yohanes Sadi – a retired government officer we hire as manager – we have trained Ruron and his coop members to harvest and produce cashew nuts meeting international requirements. This is a far departure from what they do:  Simply selling unprocessed raw nuts.

Together, we produce much more these premium quality cashews. We also have created something rather rare in rural areas – entrepreneurial opportunities beyond tending their farmland – for those farmers, their wives, and their children. Our efforts have started to encourage and convince young villagers to stay in their farmland and sustainably continue their strong farming practices instead of migrating to the big city.

In essence, gradually, these farmers and the younger generations have been given the opportunity to reap the benefits from their cashews that are well known for their distinctive creaminess and gourmet quality.

Our Oyang Forest HoneyEmmanuel Kelen and his brave team are from a particular village that has been well known for centuries, throughout the entire Flores island, for its outstanding techniques and abilities as honey collectors. Villagers believe they inherit local wisdom from their ancestors on how to tame those wild bees.

Emmanuel and his team have to go to all sorts of life threatening places (i.e. 700 foot (over 200 m) cliff, canyons, up on 100 foot (over 30 m) trees, paths that are only one foot wide) to collect this precious honey.

Each collection effort can cover tens of miles and take up to five days in the forest to complete.

They are definitely “Honey Warriors!”