Our Commitment is three-fold:

First – to our farming partners we commit to:

  • Supporting traditional farming practices and the sustainability of local environments.
  • Improving their quality of life by assuring fair pricing is paid to each and every farmer.
  • Empowering them to avoid the deep rooted and unfair practice of “tengkulak”, a practise where farmers receive an extremely unfair low price for their goods in exchange for quick cash.
  • Maintaining a strong positive working relationship with them as we and they grow.

Next – to our Trade Associates we commit to:

  • Providing a steady, stable and consistent quality product line as a result of our strong working relationships.
  • Upholding our exceptional standards of quality control and organic integrity of every product we offer.
  • Striving continuously to offer new and in-demand products and
  • Doing all of this while providing added value and healthy margins that increase your bottom line.

Finally – to our True End-Consumer we commit to:

  • Providing delicious, top quality and truly natural and organic products that will beneficially impact their well-being at a price they can afford and are willing to pay.

By striving to fulfill our Mission, obtain our Goals, stand strong to our Commitments and operate under our Guiding Principles, we know that you, our Trade Associate, will confirm our vision of being the most highly regarded source of quality natural and organic products from the bountiful land of Indonesia.

Rembyung Sakha - Flores Cashew Project


Rembyung Sakha - Flores Cashew Project